Launch of the application “Virtual Dream Center 6.0”, Instants Chavirés, Montreuil, 12/06/2022

Stayflo, live in the exhibition “Niveaux de détail”, Instants Chavirés, Montreuil, 12/06/2022

Oswald Pfeiffer, live in the exhibition “Niveaux de détail”, Instants Chavirés, Montreuil, 15/05/2022

Exhibition view of « Haptics » par Jessica Boubetra, galerie Lefebvre & Fils, Paris, 09/12/2021-08/01/2022

Exhibition view of “La Voie du Nord” by Antoine Liebaert, fondation Fiminco, Romainville, 29/05-13/06/2021

Exhibition view of “La Zone” in the group show “The Virtual Concreteness”, The 5th Floor, Tokyo, 16/05-03/06/2021
(curator : Alexandre Taalba)

Exhibition view of “OPEN MOUTHS EMPTY EYE” by Benoît Aubard, 19 Côté Cour, Paris, 15-18/10/2020

Exhibition view of “Sans ombre exactement” by Guillaume Constantin, Maison des Arts Georges et Claude Pompidou, Cajarc, 27/09-05/11/2020

Online opening of « La Voie du Nord », a solo show of Antoine Liebaert at Musée Vivant des Enfants, Fresnes-sur-Escaut, 21/04/2020

“Precog Time, Episode 3”, artist talk ran by Precog Magazine with Vanessa Kowalski, Kirill Zakomoldin and Nicholas Steindorf, Zoom meeting, 16/04/2020

Launch of the application “Bubble Orchestra”, Printed Matter, New-York, 21/02/2020

Display of “Relative Fields in a VR Garden” for the closure of the exhibition “Relative Fields in a Garden” of Heidi Howard and Liz Phillips, Queens Museum, Queens, 16/02/2020

“Virtual Reality Workshop”, workshop organized by Nicholas Steindorf, New Haven Free Public Library, New Haven, 06/02/2020

Exhibition view of “Strange Loops”, Artspace, New Haven, 13/12/2019-29/02/2020
(curators : Johannes DeYoung and Federico Solmi)

Launch of the application “Virtual Dream Center 4.0”, Les Instants Chavirés, Montreuil, 06/10/2019

Display of the application “FMAC-P VR” at Théâtre au Fil de l’eau, Pantin, 05/10/2019

Display of the application “FMAC-P VR” at La Halle Pouchard, Pantin, 21-22/09/2019

Display of “The Waves of Mind VR” in the exhibition “CI’19 Plugin” at Contemporary Istanbul, 12-15/09/2019
(curator : Esra Özkan)

Launch of the application “Virtual Dream Center 3.2”, Center of the University of Chicago, Paris, 21/06/2019

“Le décor comme guide de l’interaction”, workshop at Strate College, Sèvres, 26-30/11/ 2018


“Virtual Dream Center : Journey Through A Body”, EP7, Paris, 15-16/09/2018

Display of the virtual exhibitions “Les Chasseurs d’ombre” and “Zach_Version. 1.0” during the exhibition “C’est toi ou c’est moi?”, Fondazione Adolfo Pini, Milano, 02-18/07/2018
(curator : Luca Gennati)



Launch of the application “Virtual Dream Center 2.1”, Grande Halle de La Villette, Paris, 25/03/2018

Cryptology - communiqué
Exhibition of Elise Vandewalle “Virtual Dream Center : Cryptology”, W, Pantin, 8-16/12/2017

The application “Virtual Dream Center 1.0” during the event “L’ahah Open Day”, L’Ahah, Paris, 14/12/2017

The application “Virtual Dream Center 1.1” during the Casual Art Fair, ARTLOVERSNEWYORK’s booth, NYC, 01/10/2017

“Storage Facility”, installation of Anne-Charlotte Yver, Sheds, Pantin, 03-21/03/2017

The application “Virtual Dream Center 1.1” during the launch of Point contemporain #4, Under Construction Gallery, Paris, 08-11/03/2017

“Welcome to the Senso/Rezo Lobby”, workshop organized by Dixie Lab, ENSA Paris Malaquais, Paris, 31/01-06/02/2017

Symposium “Performance and Interactive Media Arts”, Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, 02/02/2017

Exhibition of Nicholas Steindorf “Zach_Version_1.1”, Exo Exo, Paris, 26/01-02/02/2017

Presentation “Virtual Dream Center : Audioguide”, Bellecour school, Lyon, 26/01/ 2017

Laura Porter - Performance Collage City - Espace En Cours - 21/01/2017
Performance “Collage City”, espace En Cours, Paris, 21/01/ 2017