Jon Merritt – Dragon on a Snowflake


“When water freezes, its molecules bind together in either hexagonal, cubic, or trigonal arrangements. Under the right conditions, the most common hexagonal variety can proceed to bunch and branch into the six-pointed structures that we know as a snowflakes or “hexagonal ice.” Temperature is but one condition, however, snowflake formation is delayed when absent a microbial population within the water vapor. Pure water at freezing temperature will often form into crystals in an instant the moment a microbial colony is introduced.”
Extract from the press release “Dragon on a Snowflake”, by Jon Merritt


Solo show of Jon Merritt
Project curated by Nicholas Steindorf and Antone Könst
Ice texture by Taizyd Korambayil
Soundtrack by Cory Hanson

Available in Virtual Dream Center 3.0