Benoît Aubard, Anne-Charlotte Yver – Storage Facility

“This ‘living dead’, or ‘zombie’ theme, is one shared by the two artists, be it of a conceptual, procedural, or material nature. For Anne-Charlotte Yver, science-fiction and B Movies are fictional touchstones that inform a sculptural thought process around the alien body, one that is unknown, in development. In the work of Anne-Charlotte Yver, this seemingly autonomous organism is the fruit of heterogenous, intuitive and empirical manipulations and becomes the locus of experimental tension, and finally the place for experimental tensions of materials in limbo between flux and petrification. For Benoit Aubard, musical outfits that draw on satanic and fetishistic rituals make up a fertile ground for exploration, where the living and dead enter in a dialogue. His fragmented texts are conserved in boxes, becoming a ghost archive. Words and sentences await their reactivation into a state that highlights their rhythmic quality, conferring on the words the power of incantation.”
Extract from the press release “Storage Facility”, by Stéphane Léger


Duo show of Benoît Aubard and Anne-Charlotte Yver
Soundtrack by Julien Loubière

Available in Virtual Dream Center 1.0