Muriel Leray – rest, reset,

“These absences also mark fractures between the frescoes and the virtual monastery. Noise is out of reach for frescoes; they cannot quite reach our ears. But more importantly we are confronted with two different qualities of silence. A specialized silence, temporalized, which arises in the monastery by successive surprises, with the silence caused by an interruption; and a timeless silence in frescoes, related to the capacity of abstraction in spoken languages, here suggesting a kind of noble poverty in virtual worlds: money is not entangled with existence for our avatar and his/her world (“and nothing of value was lost” would make us aware of this fact).”
Extract from the press release “rest, reset,”, by Jérôme Guitton


Solo show of Muriel Leray
Project curated by Jean-Baptiste Lenglet

Available in Virtual Dream Center 3.1